Most of the time the roles of revenue and marketing are misunderstood, either they are considered “pretty  much” the same role, one person is enough to cover both or you have two separate departments that unfortunately are not working together but are competitors inside your own house. It is important to clarify that the two roles must exist under the same roof and that they must work together to achieve the targets requested.

We are all well aware that metasearch engines are consistently increasing and that the cost for a property has gone up at the same pace. That means that to be able to invest in the right strategy and be available to as many potential customers as possible, we need to combine our strengths to plan for the success. Samantha Worgull from HotelNewsNow offers the discussion results of a few professionals from leading hospitality companies like Highgate and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.

They discuss about online and offline marketing, where the online includes everything related to e-commerce and social media, whilst offline is taking care of branding and imagine.

It is essential to share all the data and to apply every possible strategy to improve the results. At the same time to be sure that the marketing and revenue teams are working together, it is necessary to overcome the main obstacles: […]

  • “Sandbox mentality” – revenue managers need to leave the marketing team free to work in their space
  • “Communication” – both revenue and marketing need to speak a simple language that the rest of the team can understand
  • “Non-synchronous goals” – the goals to achieve are all the same and both departments need to make sure that they use the same methods and metrics.[…]

Team work is at the base of every success and it is essential to understand that the competitors are outside the walls and not inside them.