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ISFOR – Knowledge and Education – whose mission is to offer you a quality, up-to-date training opportunity attentive to the needs of your company.

ANPA – National Academy for Hospitality ProfessionalsThe first hotel-school in Italy to train and prepare hospitality professionals to enter their job confident and ready to serve the guests.

Hospitality Industry is a world with infinite possibilities.

Let’s discover them together with advanced training courses for your team.

We work together with ISFOR to improve the knowledge of your team.

Your Progress is marked by knowledge.

Knowledge is the new currency, but it is not enough. To be successful you need to apply it.
Nowadays, numbers, statistics and analysis are not enough, the right mindset is essential to achieve any goal.

Studying without applying does not bring results.

Knowing without taking action does not create a better future.

The solution is a trained team capable of anticipating not fixing…

Let’s find out together how to use the most accurate tactics to apply the correct strategy towards your success.

Federica Bresciani at FB Revenue and Distribution Ltd works with professional schools like ANPA and ISFOR and together they present the basics of Revenue Management and Business Development Management in order to create a successful future.

Learn the fundamentals of Business Development Management

  • Present your goals
  • Increase your performance
  • Discover the right tactics
  • Create the Success Strategy
  • Apply your knowledge
  • Reach your goals

… And you can achieve all this if we work together.

ART and SCIENCE allow you to reach knowledge and apply it at 360 degrees!