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At FB Revenue and Distribution Ltd, I am dedicated and passionate about my work. It’s not the glitzy side of the hotel world, but it’s essential. And I’m very good at it. I love to see the difference I can make for my clients, which have included some of the best hotels in Europe and worldwide.

I’ve been in the Revenue business since 1999; beginning with my understanding of Room Revenue, then Rooms associated with Events, followed by Restaurants and Golf Courses and then Spas.

With this experience behind me, I decided to go it alone, launching my own consultancy in February 2014.

I started with The Abbey Court Notting Hill – a boutique hotel in West London, taking care of the Revenue and Distribution. I also made sure that the Management had a thorough understanding of Revenue Management, as well as the changes I implemented so that the consistency of the new strategy could be maintained.

Through my collaboration with Workham Hotels, I’ve also worked with the Fellah Hotel, in Marrakech. As my reputation grew I was commissioned by Blakes London to share my expertise with them.

With word of mouth from one travel exhibition to a tourism fair, in 2016, I’ve been engaged for an opening. The Bryson Hotel was opening its doors in Clerkenwell Road and I was there with them and still am.

Making a difference in hotels worldwide

Our Client - Fellah Hotel

In 2017 I was contracted also in the Italian market and I landed at The Grand Hotel via Veneto in Rome as well as in South Tyrol at the vigilius mountain resort and in 2018 e 2019, I trained in Naples for the Romeo Hotel reservations and revenue team and implemented their systems.

Federica’s expertise is constantly growing!

Federica Bresciani
Federica Bresciani has over 20 years’ hospitality experience in some of the most renowned hotels and resorts in the world.

Federica Bresciani

Managing Director


I have been working in Revenue Management since 1999, even if at that time I was practically unaware of it. My mission started with my very first role, my very first General Manager and a hotel that looked like an American film set. The GM taught me the basics I needed to know at that time to get started with this science/art.
I was a few minutes from home and the language was English, the management was American and most of the team was German. A dream!

Every day I had my insight towards something new, the figures, the markets, the nationalities. I got questions on: how was the business doing? How many calls? From where? From whom? How long were they stay? How many conversions? Did you notice resistance on the prices? All questions had sense, but why ask me every day?

One day I was asked to print reports for the weekly meeting with the heads of departments, then I was explained how to read them and then how to comment on them and not long after all that, I was accompanying the GM to the meetings and I was the one explaining those figures to the audience.

HERE is where everything started, so thank you, Mr Price! Since my first role, my curiosity has always improved and until today it has never stopped, because I know that tomorrow brings something new and I can pass to you my expertise, my knowledge and my assistance to get exactly where you want to go.
Since then, I have worked in some of the most renowned hotels and resorts in Italy (Rocco Forte Hotels), in the UK (The Dorchester and The Lanesborough), and in Morocco (The Fellah).

I now apply all the principles of Hotel Revenue Management to areas such as Spas, Restaurants and Golf Courses for Independent Hotels and Small Chains. Total Revenue Management, Budgeting, Business Plans, Open and Dynamic Pricing, Forecasting, Pre-opening and Re-branding are only a few of the main resources I can bring to your property and help you thrive.

“It has been so valuable to learn from experienced professionals in well-known and outstanding companies, but running my own consultancy and working for independent boutique hotels is what I want to do. Every single decision is important, there is very little margin for error. Everything has to be converted and every cost checked closely.”